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School Speech and Language Pathologist

The Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf (ENCSD) is a state school serving the 54 easternmost counties that provides a specialized learning environment for deaf and hard of hearing students, kindergarten through 12th grade, following a typical school calendar. The ENCSD offers students an academic setting with standards-based instruction, low classroom ratios, career and vocational skills development, current technology, and an overall accessible environment for learning through American Sign Language. A boarding program is available for enrolled students residing outside of Wilson County. The ENCSD seeks to promote both intentional and experiential learning to provide continued advancement in student academic achievement and social/emotional well-being.

The School is actively recruiting for a School Speech-Language Pathologist. Utilizing leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, the school-based Speech-Language Pathologists provides prevention, assessment, and remediation services for students who exhibit difficulties in the areas of language, speech, voice, and fluency. These services are designed to help children meet their educational goals.

Major functions include planning and oversight, screening, testing, diagnosing, advising and conducting therapy sessions.

Examples of work performed

Individual and/or Group Therapy Sessions: This includes special emphasis in the following areas:

  • receptive and expressive language
  • articulation
  • speech reading
  • voice
  • fluency
  • certain aspects of aural habilitation which are necessary for the development of speech and language skills
  • and the use of and training of augmentative communication systems/devices with students identified as having this need.
    • articulation
    • voice
    • speech reading
    • receptive/expressive language and certain aspects of aural habilitation which are necessary for the development of speech language skills.
  • Preparation of individual IEP's for students.
  • Development of session activities for treatment of communication needs.


  • Provide consultative services to classroom teachers in order to inform them of various communication techniques employed by individual students that should be reinforced in the academic setting.
  • Provide consultative service to classroom teachers regarding language sampling, interpretation of test data and specific techniques for classroom intervention.
  • Provide consultative services to parents regarding their child's overall communicative needs.
  • Share with educators and parents’ information regarding materials, books, and supplies designed to enhance the communication skills of deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • Provide in-service programs for educational/residential staff in regard to speech/language concerns of deaf and hard of hearing students.
  • Provide workshops/consultative services to local school units, college programs, other professionals, etc., in regard to Speech/Language concerns, IEP's, state guidelines, etc., for the deaf and hard of hearing child.
  • Participate in continuing education activities to keep up with current trends in deaf education, speech/language/auditory techniques with this population, professional issues, etc.
  • Utilize community agencies and resources to meet pupils' needs.
  • Evaluate regularly the effectiveness of the Speech/Language program and revise as needed, as well as formulate policies and procedures for the ENCSD Speech/Language program, consistent with policies and procedures of the Department of Public Instruction, ENCSD and speech/language professional guidelines.
  • Attends and actively participates in meetings such as departmental and curriculum and actively participates in continuing education opportunities.
  • Participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team by serving on IEP's.
  • Assist in purchasing and maintaining special equipment and supplies for the speech/language program.
  • Order equipment and supplies needed for speech/language development at ENCSD.
  • Communicate with other professionals, educators, Local Education Agency's (LEA) and DPI facilities by sharing information which will assure that the most effective, efficient, and up-to-date speech/language program is available to students at ENCSD.
  • Work with other professionals, health care agencies and community organizations to promote the integration and mutual support of ENCSD students.
  • Become familiar with non-governmental funding sources.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of North Carolina Standard Course of Study in management of communicative disorders
  • Plans evidence-based interventions appropriate for individual students and groups of students
  • Uses evidence-based methods and techniques appropriate to stated objectives
  • Demonstrates knowledge and use of statewide testing procedures
  • Demonstrates awareness of professional performance in due process matters and litigious environments.
  • Manages time efficiently

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

  • Master's degree or beyond in Speech Language with or eligible to receive an NC DPI School Speech-Language Pathologist license level of one of the following: M, S, AS, D, DS.
  • Management will give preference to applicants who are currently licensed with the NC Dept of Public Instruction as a School-Language Pathologist and applicants who can communicate using American Sign Language.

All certified/licensed educators working at Eastern NC School for the Deaf are required to be paid from the legislated Certified Educator Salary Schedule. This schedule is approved annually by the NC General Assembly and sets a minimum pay based on the educator's years of experience and education level. ENCSD also pays a monthly 8% supplement for the Speech and Language Pathologist position.